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Handmade Bouquets with all Flowers Grown in Britain - Wiggly Wigglers Guarantee

Quicker than using nappy sacks, hydrates all the stems in the bouquet, looks better, compostable, no courrier issues - some of the reasons why Wiggly Wigglers use Gel4Flowers for their bouquet deliveries.



Groovy Roots used to Grow Seeds!

Although not designed for seed germination Groovy Roots is proving to be a successful growing medium for a range of 'MicroGreen' seeds.  These are seeds that grow all year round and are fully developed in 5-7 days; Mustard White, Basil Dark Poal, Broccoli Green - Sprouting, Rocket Victoria, Alfafa and of course Cress.  A group of Education Consultants working with the RHS have been introduciing Groovy Roots to schools and are pleased with the results.  The pupils can see the seedlings develop, the media is clean and doesn't need watering or feeding.  In some cases the pots can be left for up to 3 weeks wiith no attention.

Ideal for pupils in Key Stages 1 and 2 this application gives a much wider range to the application of Groovy Roots.

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