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Following the UK's decision to change their approval criteria to the EU's guidelines we are not in a position to supply Gel2Root and Gel4Plugs to the UK market.  We're in the process of re registering these products and hope to have the approval re instated soon 

FAQ - Your questions answered

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Q. I've never tried to grow plants from cuttings before. Will I be able to do it?
A. Yes! Gel2Root is ideal for any level of experience. Just follow the simple instructions printed on every pack.


Q. What is a cutting?
A. A cutting is a section of a live healthy plant that is cut off and used to grow a separate new plant. Cuttings can be from leaves, stems or roots depending on the type of plant.


Q. What does propagation mean?
A. Propagation is the word used for increasing the number of plants that you have. This can be from seeds or from cuttings.


Q. How do I take a cutting?
A. This easy process is explained fully on the Pack, see the icons.


Q. What sort of success can I expect?
A. Success rates vary with different varieties. There will be some that do not develop roots. However, your chances of success are greatly increased with Gel2Root because you do not need to worry about watering or feeding.


Q. How long does it take to root cuttings?
A. This varies from plant to plant and conditions such as temperature and light. Fast growing plants can produce roots within two to three weeks. Others will take longer. A number of varieties have been tested. These varieties and the time they took to root are listed on the suitable plants pages of this document.


Q. How do I know when plants are ready?
A. Unlike traditional methods, you can see the roots develop through the clear gel. As soon as a good number of roots have formed the cutting can be transplanted into compost.


Q. Can I reuse the gel?
A. The gel can't be reused if the cuttings have developed fully in it. However, if a cutting fails to take, it can be removed and a new one placed in the same gel. Any old gel remaining in the pot after cuttings have been removed can be safely put with the general household rubbish or, better still, put onto a compost heap. The propagator can be reused many times, as refill pots are available separately.


Q. When do I have to pot on?
A. The cutting can be potted on as soon as a good number of roots have formed. If you are not ready to pot on, the rooted cutting can be kept in the gel, providing it does not dry out completely.

Q. Do I have to remove the gel when potting on?
A. No. Any gel that remains attached to the roots does not matter. For well-developed cuttings, the whole remaining contents of the cell may stay attached to the roots.


Q. How long will the gel last unopened?
A. The gel packs can be kept for two years unopened. It should be kept in a cool, frost-free place, out of direct sunlight.


Q. Is the gel safe for children?
A. Yes. Gel2Root is non-toxic and because it is inherently clean, it is ideal for children to use.


Q. Can I take cuttings any time of the year?
A. In theory, yes, providing suitable heat and light can be maintained. For most people at home this can be difficult. For the best results take cuttings when plants are actively growing i.e. spring, summer and autumn.


Q. Can I root cuttings of any plant in Gel2Root?
A. No. Gel2Root has been formulated specifically for softwood cuttings and houseplants. It is not suitable for hardwood cutting or ericaceous (acid loving) plants such as Azaleas and Rhododendrons


Q. Why is the propagator base green?
A. The clear gel is great for allowing you to see the roots develop, however bright light can be detrimental to good root development so the base is green to shade the roots.


Q. Will the plants grow quicker if I give them lots of light and heat?
A. No. You need to give the right amount of both. Too much can be worse than too little. Ideally the propagator should be placed in bright light but never in direct sunlight. The temperature should be between 18°C and 21°C during the day and not below 10°C at night.


Q. Why does the gel turn brown a few days after the cuttings have been inserted?
A. The discolouration is due to natural compounds that are produced by the cutting. These will not affect rooting.

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