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Following the UK's decision to change their approval criteria to the EU's guidelines we are not in a position to supply Gel2Root and Gel4Plugs to the UK market.  We're in the process of re registering these products and hope to have the approval re instated soon 

Take Care with Your Cuttings

As more and more people are choosing to increase their plant stock by taking cuttings there are a few simple hints that will increase chances of success.

  1. Always make sure the equipment you use is clean - disease is on of the main causes behind cutting failure
  2. Don't leave the cutting too long before you place it the gel.  As soon as the cutting is harvested and before its trimmed the cutting will begin to degenerate.
  3. Make sure you take the correct type of cutting for the plant and at the right time of year - see our guidlines on the web.  The knfe used to trim the cutting should be sharp and clean.
  4. Cuttings need to be kept warm (between 10 to 20C), away from direct sunlight in a well ventillated propagator.  Humidity around the leaves is vital to prevent too much water loss.  Too much humidity can cause disease so if you see water droplets on the inside of your propagator remove the lid for half an hour.

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